The Importance of Retreat

 There is importance in “retreat.” I don’t mean the kind where you are running away from a threat, like in a battle or a dangerous situation (where you must retreat to survive); and I don’t mean backing away from a challenging situation because you don’t like confrontation or you choose not to engage.
I am talking about “retreat” you create for yourself, consciously. I am so blessed and grateful that this coming weekend, within a few hours, actually, I am leaving my daily routine to be on retreat with the women of my spiritual community, the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA. Each summer the women of our community gather in retreat to celebrate our divine feminine nature, support and nurture each other as women (including adolescent women), talk , laugh, sing, commune, dine, play, rest, and celebrate our wonderful feminine selves.
Celebrating yourself is a primary component of being on “retreat,” in whatever way you create it for yourself. You don’t have to go away, although this is certainly a blissful and restful way to do it. ( Getting out of the routine in and of itself is always regenerative for me.) Retreat can take many forms: fifteen minutes a day of meditation, your daily exercise routine, a walk in nature, a long hot bath, even time alone by yourself without being engaged in a task. The important thing is that you have time to be in communion with your deeper self.
Life has gotten more complex for many of us as the years have unfolded. The more complex it becomes the more important it is for you to create “retreat” for yourself. It requires internal balance and quietude to be able to think through all the decisions that you are called upon to make on a daily basis. How can you establish discerning, informed thought if you are constantly running from one task to the next, not taking the time somewhere, somehow to replenish the internal you that provides your motivation, inspiration and solutions?
Many coaches, spiritual communities and churches sponsor retreats ranging from a few hours to several days. Some are at a cost, and others may be accessible for all. Many offer scholarships, or a work-to-participate plan. Give yourself the important gift of some peace to balance out the demands of life. Explore the possibilities in your community and surroundings. Be creative. Look inside at what might bring you peace, like a walk in the woods, or the park, or an afternoon on a blanket under the sun. ( That is one of my favorite personal retreats – some time in the sun, even if it is only an hour or so.)
Your internal self, where your heart speaks directly to your soul and your Higher Power, is your pipeline for energy, peace, and joy. All things are possible when you align your mind with your heart, soul and Higher Power. Support your hard-working mind in your most important task: the expression of your Highest self, unfolding more and more each day in your personal fulfillment and success, no matter what you are doing. Give yourself the access to calm, discernment, and informed thought that you deserve as you navigate life.  I truly encourage you to think about this and plan some “retreat” for yourself. You absolutely deserve it!
With love and support
To your next bold step!

I am committed to you, your relationships, and your families.

Kathryn Tull,M.A., MFT


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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