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HeartSong to My Granddaughter

The warmth of her tiny body echoes on my chest

Sleeping as only a babe will do,

Her tiny heart beating its special rhythm in concert with mine –

Oh, my precious, newborn Granddaughter, has ever love been so captivating and so real?


Your presence in this world has already touched me in subtle, profound, indescribable ways.

The melodious toning of Legacy resounds gently and purely in your Being.

All the women before me rejoice in your arrival;

All the women to come cherish your imprint in this time.


Sacred language communicates from my heartmind to yours,

Thoughts only another enraptured grandmother may understand,

Not to be mistaken by the unknowing, precious, rare and fragile between us.


You are my blood and my best.

Your beloved mother, flesh of my flesh, beat of my heart,

Sculpted by her own experience, she now finds her own beautiful way through.


You are my blood and my best,

my firstborn grandchild, sublime Granddaughter.

All the Angels of the Earth sing your name in harmonious joy.

Their song resounds to the Heavens that surround us everywhere,

all the layers of Mother Earth, all the Winds and Stars and Sky

Filling the space of my inner consciousness with your Perfection.


May God keep you and protect you.

May your every Dream come true.

May you Love as truly and deeply as your precious parents love each other and you.

May you know the abiding, immeasurable Wonder and Love I feel for you.


I love you, my precious Granddaughter.

Let nothing ever interfere with you knowing that with all your Soul.

You are the Everything of Everything in a way I didn’t know was possible.

Thank you for being you.



                                                                                                            With love,

                                                                                                            Your Mimi

                                                                                                            May 23, 2014